Health & Wellness

Northeast Wellness Consulting offers a variety of health and wellness courses designed for all audiences. From nutrition basics to a primer for quitting smoking, there are many courses available for your site to choose from.

Click here to view a PDF file of courses available: Courses offered

Why should your company offer worksite wellness programs?
•Lower Health Care Costs

•Reduced Absenteeism

•Higher Productivity

•Reduced Use Of Health Care Benefits

•Reduced Worker’s Comp/Disability

•Reduced Injuries

•Increased Morale and Loyalty

•Worksite Wellness Works!

Below is a sampling of courses offered by Northeast Wellness Consulting. Courses can be tailored to specifically meet your company’s needs:
•Bloodborne Pathogens 


•Exercise and fitness

•Smoking cessation

•Blood pressure management

•Weight management

•Stress management

•Cholesterol management